Malaysia has a lot to offer visitors, both divers and non-divers, and its main draws are the low cost of living, ease of travel, nature experiences, and some incredible diving at places like Sipadan Island, Layang Layang, and Lankayan Island. Since the dive sites at both of these locations are very close to shore, Malaysia is a destination that favours resort-based diving packages. Malaysia is an equatorial paradise with an incredible aquatic kingdom for diving and snorkelling, as well as untouched rainforests for nature safari trips, mountain peaks for trekking, wetlands for bird watching, and unspoiled islands for fun, surf, and relaxing. Sabah, one of Borneo’s two Malaysian nations, is a land rich in adventure and natural beauty. Mt. Kinabalu, orangutans, proboscis monkeys, and Sipadan, the world’s most popular scuba diving mecca, are all present here.

Malaysia is a rapidly developing country, and you could be shocked by its modern infrastructure, the widespread use of English, and how convenient it is to get around as a tourist. Kuala Lumpur is one of the most well-connected cities in the country, with flights arriving from all corners of the globe. Using one of Asia’s low-cost airlines, you can conveniently fly to a host of other destinations. In this article we will be listing down the best 3 diving packages to get from the best destinations to scuba dive at. Tioman, Perhentian, Langkawi, and Redang islands are among the Malay Peninsula’s most prominent diving destinations. Our priority, however, is on providing you with the best scuba packages in the world, and these dive resorts are all located in Sabah, Malaysia’s legendary island of Borneo:

  • Sipadan Dive Packages

Sipadan Island is well-known among scuba divers all over the world, and many consider its walls to be among the top ten dive sites in the world. Huge schools of barracuda and trevally, coral sharks, huge schools of marauding bumphead parrotfish, and an abundance of sea turtles can all be seen here. On the coasts of the neighbouring islands of Mabul and Kapalai, there is a strong array of all-inclusive resorts serving Sipadan. Diving packages range from backpacker-style rooms to lavish stilted resorts perched atop the Celebes Sea, catering to a wide range of budgets.

  • Layang Layang Dive Packages

Your lodging options on Layang Layang are restricted to a single, pleasant, and well-run dive resort, which is the only public accommodation on the island. Since it is the only dive resort on the island, you won’t have to worry about choosing which diving package to take when you are going scuba diving.

  • Lankayan Dive Packages

Divers can find a variety of underwater attractions on Lankayan Island, including safe and colourful reefs, fascinating wrecks, and common whale sharks. There is only one lodging choice here as well, a very nice and well-managed dive resort that is in harmony with nature. An in-house turtle centre invites visitors to observe the amazing experience of mating, egg-laying, hatching, and release of baby turtles as part of their committed conservation efforts. For more articles like this one, click here.

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