Every individual is born with different personalities. It does not matter what kind of lifestyle they have, whether calm or energetic, what type of work they are hustling like being a successful forex trader in Malaysia, or how their relationship with people around them. With Myers Briggs personality test, everyone can determine whether they are an introvert, an extrovert or a bit of both, also known as an ambivert. 

Being an introvert is often misunderstood as shy or withdrawn from social tendencies when that is not the case. Introversion is defined as a personality trait characterized by emphasizing internal feelings than external sources of stimulation. There are estimatedly 25% to 40% of the population who are introverts. Again, this type of personality trait is often surrounded with misconceptions like anxiety or loneliness. It does draw a difference between introverts and extroverts as well as an existing line in the middle (hence, an ambivert).

Here are 3 signs to tell if you are an introvert:

  1. You Lean On Solitude More Than Crowded Area

You are your own company and enjoy solitary more than anything. Being in your own safe space with a good book, a peaceful nature walk or watching your favorite television show on the sofa alone are the best way to charge yourself up into a more refreshing you. That does not mean being in a lonely state is the only tendency introverts are, rather there are as many introverts as there are extroverts who love to spend time with their friends and have interactions in social situations, only at a minimal volume. This is because, once the day is done, they need to retreat to their solitude to reflect the day and have a good mental rest.

2. You Have A Small Circle Of Friend To Keep You Close

Quality is better than quantity; that may be your motto when it comes to relationships with the people around you. While the majority of introverts do not really enjoy a great deal of socializing, they do keep around a few of their friends that they could trust. Introverts prefer deep, long term relationships with people where they love a great deal of closeness and intimacy. They are very careful about who they choose to connect with and find importance in it.

3. You Are Often Described As Quiet And Difficult To Approach

The common description people come up with when talking about introverts are often the umbrella terms hovering above their heads, such as quiet, reserved, mellow, and most mentioned, shy. Of course, there are shy introverts but that does not mean they are entirely timid. Introverts have a high sense of self awareness, therefore they think over their words carefully and do not prefer to spare time and energy for idle chit chat.

If you are curious about what personality trait you have, you can try out the Myers Briggs Personality Test to find out your character in detail and accuracy.

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