Do you love exploring new places and new restaurants as you walk out of your Gombak condo? If you are an adventurous one, you would wish there is a house for rent Bangsar South to enjoy everything the suburb has to offer. 

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Here are the best 3 eateries in Bangsar that is a must-try for you whenever you are out and about in the area:

  1. Botanica+Co: Restaurant & Bar KL

It is a sin to not know of this particular restaurant, especially those who are living in the Bangsar South. Botanica+Co is surrounded by lush greenery, modern greenhouse look which is calming to the eyes whilst providing a menu with a vast range of local and international dishes. Their bestsellers are the Cuban sandwich, croque madame, truffle yakiniku don, Botanica burger and other high quality food with massive proportions. The restaurant also has another side of its nature which is a bar, well-known for its innovative cocktails. Honorable mention of a drink from Botanica+Co is the Bocoritas – a margarita with a choice of yuzu, strawberry, yuzu and passionfruit. 

Botanica+Co also has another outlet at Alila Bangsar, therefore you do not need to worry about having to queue long at your Bangsar South outlet.

  1. Transparent Coffee

Are you a loyal coffee lover, or do you simply love the bitter sweet taste bursts at the tip of your tongue? Transparent Coffee has all you need for your daily dose of caffeine. The coffee bar is as transparent as its name as it sources its beans directly from their sources. The eatery also serves their most well-known Three Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich – serve it up with your transparent coffee and you have your perfect breakfast to start the day. 

The eatery is a softie by day and a phantom by night as it switches their ego into a complete 360. Morning operates with a relaxed vibe surrounded by a pathway of hanging ferns which guides you into dimly lit circles of caverns, whereas at night, the place transforms into Coley Cocktail Bar! Their famous PB&J cocktail and Whisky Bubble Tea drink are worth dying for.

  1. Antipodean Cafe

If you want a fancier place that is located around Bangsar, Jalan Telawi 2 has just the place. Antipodean Cafe bears its intricate name by its hippy nature which draws a lot of attention for its all-day breakfast menu. Best for its long, leisurely meal like a hearty burrito wrap or healthy avocado on toast, you bet it is the talk of the town since its debut. What piques the interest is the scribbled blackboard menu with colorful chalk, ranging from pizzas, pastas and other western dishes. Other bestselling food served in Antipodean are the RM18 worth of classic all-day breakfast.

  1. Apollo Dining

If we were to name the most minimalist cafe in Bangsar, Apollo Dining makes garden cafes a thing of the past. The Mediterranean-themed cafe is a sight to behold with its bright and airy atmosphere, all the while serving the best Thai Laksa Crab and Cempedak fritters for that perfect dining.

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