proposal0 - Are Proposals The New Weddings?


These days, popping the question in public is becoming a new trend. Especially if it’s huge, epic and involves a whole lot of people. There are some who look at marriage proposals not as an intimate moment between two people, but as an opportunity for a very public display of affection – hence the noticeable rise in the number of “viral” type of public wedding proposal videos on major video sharing sites like Youtube.

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And for some, the whole proposal process has become as grand as (or even grander than) the wedding itself: According to industry experts, an increasing number of people are choosing to spend more on elaborate proposals than the actual wedding.

So, have Proposals become as important (and as big) as weddings? Let’s look deeper into this phenomenon.

What kind of Proposals are we talking about here?

It’s not so much the old-fashioned ring-in-a-glass while having dinner in a packed fancy restaurant thing. These new age Proposals are of the kind that involves deft choreography and a whole team of people. The kind of thing that needs call sheets, hired help (or maybe just helpful friends) and a booming romantic score blaring into a busy street.

Or for those who are less enamoured to large public crowds: Wedding proposal murals, advertising banners or movie trailers.

In short, it’s the sort of stuff that puts the latest romantic drama episode to shame.

Why Do People Do It?

It’s all about the shock and awe (or in this case, “shock and aww”). Or in other words, often the climax of the grand proposal isn’t the point at which the proposee says ‘yes’, but rather the look of utter surprise on the girl’s (or boy’s) face and the glowing approval of people by the side as the whole spectacle unfolds.

Sure, unconditional love is sweet, but validation from strangers (especially when an entire crowd of them starts clapping) can be even sweeter. And that’s probably why more and more people are willing to pay the price (whatever it is) for that.

And nowadays it’s becoming such a trend that it’s giving rise to an entirely new line in the wedding industry: Proposal Planning.

How much are we talking about?

As it stands, people are more than happy to fork out from $500 to $3000 for a professionally drafted proposal. And that’s on the “affordable” end of the spectrum. On the other end we have everything between $5,000 to $50,000.

Yes, $50,000 for a PROPOSAL. While this might sound a bit far fetched to some, 27-year-old Josh Ogle has already made headlines around the world for spending $45,000 on proposing to his girlfriend of several months.

And it even includes a ”proposal-moon” afterwards, where Ogle and his new fiancée spent two weeks in France and Greece to wind down from all the excitement.

So, are Proposals becoming the new Weddings? As far as the financial (and planning) aspect is concerned, we can see that yes, proposals are becoming as serious an undertaking as the weddings themselves.

With all that in mind, are you interested in making your proposal a “viral” one? Or are you intent in keeping yours traditional and low key? Either way we wish you Good Luck!

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