Now, to continue from my last article, I will begin with tip 6. If you’re interested in reading about tips 1 to 5,  check out part 1 right here. Now, before I continue on with my baking tips for beginners, get yourself ready by buying whipping and whisking baking tools in Malaysia right now. 

Tip 6: Use Salt

A bit of salt goes a long way toward enhancing the flavour of your cake. Yes, it may sound strange, but a pinch of salt in your cake batter can balance the sweetness of your cake and offer you the greatest results in terms of flavour. This is an optional step that has nothing to do with the cake’s chemical composition.

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Tip 7: Use Oil And Butter

You can substitute them for each other in any recipe, but keep in mind that few cakes are recognised for their buttery flavour, and replacing butter with oil in such recipes will result in the loss of the flavour. However, a butter essence can be used. Yes, that is true.

If you are left with no choice but to use oil, then always measure and use 80% oil of the weight of butter when using oil instead of butter in a recipe because oil is more liquid in nature.

Tip 8: Use Fresh Baking Soda

Leavening agents have a big impact on how well your baked goods turn out. They are the foundation of baking and the chemical process that occurs when you bake a cake. As a result, their freshness is essential.

To see if your baking powder is still fresh, do the following: A teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of hot water should fizz fast. If it does not, it must be discarded.

To see if your baking soda is still fresh, mix 1/4 teaspoon soda with 1 tablespoon vinegar and watch it fizz. If it doesn’t fizz, it’s time to toss it.

Tip 9: If You Are Using Flax Eggs…

1 tablespoon flax meal to 3 tablespoons room temperature water yields flax eggs or imitation eggs, which are used in baking eggless and vegan desserts. Many think that just combining these ingredients is all you have to do, but that isn’t the case. You must rest this combination for at least 8 minutes, ideally 10 minutes, to achieve the “one-string” consistency seen in ordinary eggs.

Tip 10: If You Are Out Of Vanilla Extract…

Although vanilla extract provides your cakes that a wonderful aroma, there may be times when you run out. If you don’t have Vanilla Extract on hand, try the following substitutes such as Vanilla Syrup, Vanilla Powder, Vanilla Milk, Almond Extract, Honey or Zest of any Citrus fruit like Lemon, Key Lime or Orange.

Tip 11: Use Parchment Paper

Your best friend is parchment paper. For a mess-free release, line your cake pans and cookie sheets with parchment paper. Before I set a parchment round in the bottom of my pan for cakes, I prefer to spray it with Baker’s Joy cooking spray. I also like silicone baking mats for baking sheets. These have a macaron template on them.

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