newborn starter pack

Pigeon and Baby Starter Packs.

Being first time parents can be an incredibly daunting experience. Becoming a parent at any point of one’s life is a daunting experience, but first time parenthood is outrageously convoluted with everyone around them telling them what to do and what not to do. While it may seem like useful advice, that is not always […]

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butt-weld fittings Malaysia

What Is A Butt Weld?

I’m not going to lie the name of this thing does sound funny. It reminds you of something right? Well, it is not what you are thinking and you might be surprised after knowing what is a butt weld and how functional it is.  Before explaining what is butt weld, do you know what is […]

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sterlite flat drop ftth fibre optic cable 500x500 - What is FTTH?

What is FTTH?

One of the types of fiber mentioned is the FTTH that reaches the home, the optical fiber to the home offers us greater speed and reaches your house without losses. Being a type of network that directly accesses your home, speed is not lost and if you do a speed test you will see that […]

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rgs66 - House Gutter: Roof Maintenance

House Gutter: Roof Maintenance

The roof of a house is continuously exposed to high loads. Precipitation, direct sunlight, temperature drops deform materials and violate the tightness of the structure. Dust and other contaminants mixed with water form a dense crust on the roof surface. This spoils the appearance of the building and contributes to the wear of the coating. […]

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