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Working overseas is an unforgettable experience for most, be it good unforgettable or otherwise. For foreign workers, the feeling of longing and nostalgia of what was left back home will always be present but it is mostly offset with the excitement of starting fresh in a new and unexplored environment. Luckily, one of the best places to become a foreign worker or an expatriate is in Malaysia.

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With its modern landscape, its lush countryside and its majestic islands, Malaysia is known for its assortment of attractions that foreigners love to visit and cannot get enough of. In addition, compared to other countries, the lifestyle in Malaysia is less stressful and more tranquil.

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Accordingly, because of these qualities, there is no shortage of foreign aspirants wanting to try their luck and work in Malaysia. So, for those aiming to become expatriates, better prove yourself and show that you can excel outside your comfort zone. For now, for fortunate future expatriates of Malaysia, here are some perks you can enjoy:

Benefits of Working in Malaysia

First and foremost, for almost all expatriates, their working VISA (Visitor International Stay Admission) is processed and paid for by the company. The VISA is the legal basis of a foreigner’s stay in another country, thus an essential part of the compensation package when reassigning an employee overseas.

This video shows how you can apply for a VISA in Malaysia:

In any case, it is a major perk to have a long-term valid VISA and be able to stay in Malaysia all at the company’s expense. To add to that, some companies even extend this perk to the employee’s spouse and offspring. For starting or young families, this is a valuable and indispensable perk. 

Another one is the housing or the relocation allowance. Given that most people do not own houses in different countries, another common prerequisite is the housing or relocation allowance given monetarily or as a company arranged accommodation. Either way, a worry-free housing arrangement is a huge relief in the pocket.

Next benefit, a company car or transportation allowance. As a foreign worker, navigation in a new location will definitely be a considerable adjustment, thus the car or transportation allowance. Taking into account the language barrier and cultural difference, some companies opt to provide company cars to help their employee transition in an unfamiliar environment.

At the end of the day, whichever mode is given, being able to get around new places and eventually being able to go on trips during off days is a big plus for ex-pats. The best part of this is that rest days will feel like new adventures waiting to happen. 

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Lastly, another major fringe benefit is the immersion in a new multifaceted culture. Experiencing how locals live, tasting traditional food and mingling with residents is a bonus in and of itself. Aside from the enriching experience, it also makes one appreciate one’s own home and heritage.

All things considered, working abroad is a big change that comes with its ups and downs. Also, for most, it is an inevitable part of career change or growth. Keep in mind that opportunities like this are not granted to just anyone. Thus, the best way to enjoy this arrangement is to always work smart and to make the most out of working overseas. 

Jika anda ingin mencari kerja, apply sini untuk mendapat e-mel permohonan pekerjaan.

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