Romantic, unexpected, exciting: Destination Weddings are all on the rage nowadays, with more and more couples choosing to tie the knot in exotic locales that range from a vineyard in France to a beach in The Cayman Islands. But, like all other wedding options, a Destination Wedding comes with its own set of problems, and it’s wise for a bride and groom planning one to consider the issues involved.

So, here’s a few potential issues that might arise with a destination wedding, and some tips on how to solve them.

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Responsibility For Hotel And Airfare For The Guests

Guests are normally responsible to provide their own travel expenses.  There are some occasions where the family of the couple will provide for their guests travel, but it is not the norm.  As a bride or groom, you do need to price airfare and hotel accommodations and provide your guests with a list so they are able to choose which will best fit their budget.  If the wedding is at a fairly expensive resort, you definitely want to provide a few close by, more cost effective hotels/resorts for them.  You will also want to book your stay early so you can negotiate group room rates in order to save you and your guests money.

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Extra Cost Consideration For Guests

The couple should show their appreciation by first having a welcome bag with a list of resort activities, wedding itinerary, maps, goodies, etc. for their guests arrival.  Usually, destination weddings are a smaller affair.  However, do not discount the fact that  the guests have spent a lot more to be able to share it with the couple.  With that being said, it is proper to invite them to the rehearsal dinner as well.  If this cannot be done,  invite the remaining guests for a cocktail or dessert following the rehearsal dinner.  And of course, the wedding reception food and beverage should be provided for all guests.

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Issues With Rules And Regulations

Remember to research thoroughly well before you commit to any one destination. Resources should be available on-line and liaising with an in-country contact or wedding planner can usually help A LOT with marriage litigation where ever you decide to get hitched. If all else fails, early preparation will ensure that you will have enough time left over to move your wedding to another location altogether – preferably one with less complicated regulations regarding marriage.

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Avoiding unnecessary tension with friends and family

Just like planning any wedding, be clear about the desires you have for your wedding.  Conduct research on the desired locations & provide cost comparisons so that you can show your family who may be contributing to the wedding – the more they know the less they will fret about unknown factors.  Once your family & friends know that this is the perfect way for you & your fiancée to celebrate your union, they should be much more supportive.

We hope this list will help you consider some possible issues which may arise if you are planning on hosting a Destination Wedding of your own in the near future! Remember to focus on the positives and know that there is usually a solution to most issues! Wishing you a trouble-free affair and a happily ever after.

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