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Whether brainstorming productive ideas or generating multi-billion ideas, we could always rely on Google, which is one most popular search engines that is being used all over the world. When we want to find further information about a product, person or even place, Google is the sole savior which gives the answers in a matter of milliseconds effortlessly. Hence, the internet has simplified the process of researching and digging out some findings or information which is considered a major leap when compared to thick paged heavy books. 


Gone are the days when we used to carry coins to call through the public booth telephones. Now, a single text, audio, or even video could be shared with the entire world in a blink of an eye. High definition calls along with the limitless duration of the call is available using the internet. We’ve seen a dynamic change in how we interact with other people and businesses. Chat rooms and forums were first, followed by social networks and online communities, especially after the widespread use of cell phones. Although face-to-face contact is still crucial, we are increasingly relying on large groups of strangers to make decisions about what to do and buy. Communication in the mobile era is all about forming networks.


Gone are the days when mothers carried multiple bags of shopping bags, now it is all add-to-cart options in Shopee, Lazada, Shein, and many more.  According to online shopping platforms, visiting a store’s physical location is no longer required to make a purchase. Shopping for a specific item appears to be a multi-channel experience: you can see a product in the store, research it online, compare pricing from different retailers, make the buy in-app, and pick it up at the store. When the retail business is disrupted, the retail customer experience is always renovated. There are even promotions and rebates along with those easy purchases. Not to mention those rewards as well!

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Remember when we used to buy CDs or tapes of our favorite artists? Well cheer up, the internet has completely wiped out the CDs and tapes and replaced the much more convenient format which the users could enjoy anytime and anywhere. Apart from music, movies are also made convenient nowadays. Just a simple subscription and you’re off to go to enjoy the latest movies in the best quality possible! With the introduction of smart TVs and the next generation of game consoles, all you need is a connection, whether it’s for movie streaming (Netflix), music streaming (Spotify), sports viewing, or personalized on-demand content.


No more maps, no more long unnecessary walks, the internet provides and plans your trip efficiently. The internet provides guides on everything from the best time to leave in order to avoid traffic jams and places to rest. Websites provide information, smartphone apps provide real-time discounts and deals, and virtual reality provides a complete 3D experience. Even when you’re there, mobile technology is at your disposal: Uber for low-cost transport, Airbnb for low-cost lodging, Google Maps for directions, and TripAdvisor for gourmet eateries. Who needs a travel agency these days?

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