Bridesmaids! It’s a delicate task asking them for help the crazy wedding planning and many times bridesmaids themselves are unsure of what assistance they can provide. So, how do you expect to get them to heed every single demand of a bride, aka yourself, to perfection (and still remain BFFs)?

gorgeous bride and bridesmaids photo by jonetsu photography - HOW TO GET YOUR BRIDESMAIDS TO HELP


Be nice and bring cookies

No one wants to deal with a bridezilla. You are asking a favour from them, so be nice! While it’s always good to make sure that everybody knows what page you are on, there is no need to breathe down their necks! So give love to these angels who are going to help make your dream come true! Keeping calm and being a sweetheart is always a good start!

Keep talking about it, subtly

Because it is your wedding, things should go the way you like them to. Unless your bridesmaids are psychic, there is no way they can read your mind like the back of their hands. So talk about what you want, be clear and ask or assign specific tasks if you need a favour from them.

Always show interest

When assigning different tasks to different bridesmaids, ensure that equal attention is given to each person. Personal attention and appreciation will convey to them that no matter the size of the task, everybody is important to the success if your special day!

Start before the last minute

Never wait till the last hour (or minute) to rush them to do something! Whether it’s DIY or something as simple as picking up your wedding dress for you, your bridesmaids have their own lives to run too. Getting signed up as part of your bridal party doesn’t mean they leave their own chores behind to wait on you! Start organising and plan your time well.



Personal wedding favours

Say thank you. Write a card, and express how grateful you are! Personalise gifts for them. As a token of appreciation, it is the least you can do!

Think of it as teamwork. You and your bridal party are a team! Don’t let your ego get in the way because at the end of the day, they are the ones going out their way to help you!

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