Everyone seems to be doing this now. Everyone has a business. Whether it is a business specializing in gutter Malaysia or a fashion business online. It is no surprise that there are so many of us opening up their own businesses. The pursuit of becoming an entrepreneur has become easier, accessible and it seems to be impossible to survive without a passive income. 

But even with the available resources, it can be a daunting thing to do in the beginning. Starting a business is not as easy as everyone makes it sound to be. But it can be a less overwhelming process if we start with the basics and foundations of building a business in 2021. 

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Find Your Niche And Sticking To It 

Ofcourse, this is one of the first things everyone says when starting a business. Your niche is what defines your objectives, your goals, your mission, and what you can offer. A niche should be related to something you genuinely love. (or maybe not). But when you choose a niche, you should make sure you are well aware of all the aspects of the niche. Are you passionate about it? Are you knowledgeable about the pursuit of the niche? 

If you are starting up a salon, then you are either someone who has experience in a salon or some interest in the services of a salon and familiarized yourself with it. If you are clueless about what the niche encompasses, how can you cater it to other people? 

Figuring out our passion is not the only way to figure out your niche. You can also look at the current profitable business ideas and choose one of those niches as well. Maybe it is blogging. Blogging earns a lot in revenue but what will you blog about? Your niche could be gardening so you could blog about gardening and promote gardening products. 

Build A Website 

A lot of people choose to not have a website because we have social media. While this can work, but in the long run, you will need a website. A website can assist you in bringing value to people and helping you validate your business ideas. You can make your business products a lot more organized for the customer’s watch and make them more accessible through a website. Remember without exposure and accessibility, you won’t be getting as much as sales you would hope for. 

Find Your Target Market

Perhaps this should be the second on the list. But oh well. A business cannot survive without its targeted audience. Your targeted audience will profit you and be your loyal fans in the future. Without identifying your target market, how can you position your brand in such a way that is demanding? Many businesses fail to recognize their targeted audience and remain unprofitable in the long run. You can identify your target market even after experimenting a few bit with your sales and seeing what they demand. 

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