The centrepiece forms the base of your table décor, and seamlessly ties together your theme and the general atmosphere of the reception. Because of that, it’s important to take some time to think out what you want from your centrepiece. Handmade is definitely in while the normal roses and bland vases are definitely out. Steer away from the standard décor options (mirrors, floating candles, feathers) and try to share a little bit of your personality with each and every table.

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Here’s some ideas to inspire you and help get the ball rolling:

Paper pinwheels

This centrepiece is perfect if you want to capture the innocence of youth, or if both of you feel a fresh youthful image is what you want from your theme. It goes well with most colours, and as a plus, materials are readily available if you wish to go the DIY route.

Origami ribbons

This colourful arrangement fits a colourful theme well. It can also be adapted to any particular colour(s) to fit your needs, and is simple enough to go with any other decor element. Again, this arrangement is very DIY friendly if you want to go there.

A touch of green

Very earthy and lush, this centrepiece is perfect for a garden wedding, especially one held outdoors. It goes particularly well with earth tones and other dark coloured themes. However, this arrangement will take considerable time to DIY by yourself, and it’s probably better to get someone with a green thumb to sort them out for you, your florist maybe.

A blooming white

A combination of white baby’s breath blooms and white vases means that this centerpiece goes best with themes that are primarily white. Though it goes quite well most other colours too as a result. It’s DIY-able too, although it will take considerable time and skill to prepare, especially for big receptions.

Caged Lemons

While this might look out of place in a normal hotel reception, the combination of lemons in a metal cage goes well if you’re taking the rustic route for your wedding. It goes even better if it’s a reception held outdoors. The materials needed means that a bit more shopping is needed for cages with the right “feel” though, while the lemons shouldn’t really be a problem to procure.

So that’s our selection of centerpieces for today, hopefully it will become enough of an inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

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