Ah the venerable Lego. Long since the staple toy of many while growing up, the blocky wonders have also found its way into wedding décor as well. If you are one of those couples who look at Lego blocks and figures with eyes filled with wonderful memories and think you want to integrate the iconic blocks into your own wedding; here’s a few ideas how you can do just that.

Hidden Lego

Considering it has become the “in” thing to hide various things within you wedding bouquets, why not eschew the ordinary and hide your favourite Lego figure inside your flowers? As a bonus, the figures come in all sorts and designs so it will be pretty easy to find some that is perfectly suited to what you have in mind – may it be a pirate or a policewoman or your favourite character from Star Wars!

Creamy Lego

As the title says, why not make a cake that looks like it’s made out of Lego? It’s a sure-fire way of declaring your love for the lovely blocks, and it does look chic to boot. Just make sure it’s a real cake that LOOKS like Lego though – real Lego blocks don’t really make for good tasting cake.

Blooming Lego

While hiding figures in flowers is interesting and all, there is also the option of making your entire wedding bouquet from the blocks themselves. Well, this might add to the weight a bit, and throwing your bouquet might be a tad more dangerous to anybody who catches it now, but it does add a whole lot of character to the flowers themselves. You can also mix and match real flowers with Lego ones if you want some variety.

Boxy Lego

Why not you carry your rings in a custom box made entirely out of Lego? Thankfully, a Lego box, if constructed carefully enough, makes for a very secure container for your rings, and it does look pretty nifty as well. If you plan to DIY however, it might take a bit of time getting the box just right though, so keep that in mind.

Favour Lego

Here’s yet another Lego-y idea, Lego wedding favour sets? Give your guests the gift of Lego and let them take back a piece of it’s blocky goodness home. A little assembly might be required and it’s not really suitable for children below six, but otherwise it’s the perfect wedding favour for Lego Lovers!

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So those are some ideas from us for all you Lego Lovers out there. If you think putting some blocks into your big day is something that you’d like to try, give the ideas above a try!

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