We know the importance of disinfecting our environment to curb the growth of the COVID-19 virus around us. That is why we have found many ways to protect ourselves and those around us by using varieties of cleaning products and materials. However, instead of just using Dr Clo Malaysia to disinfect our environment to protect our physical health, we also need to bear in mind the importance of taking care of our mental health. 

happy Dr Clo Malaysia - Mental Health Care During COVID-19 Pandemic

The covid 19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on our mental health and well-being. Since the beginning of 2020, we have had little social interaction and have relied only on interactions with our family or friends through a computer screen. This has left us begging for assistance because we have been trapped in a rut, and it’s become the new pattern of our daily lifestyle. The pandemic has caused tremendous stress and loneliness in people which has caused them to try to discover new methods to deal with each other and the situation they found themselves in. This is because the current situation is something that is unimaginable and is very new even to the medical and mental health professionals to come up with ways to help you with. 

It can be seen that loneliness and stress are pushing people beyond their limits and that conditions are becoming increasingly common around the world. However, many are still trying to help to overcome the situations there are in especially those that are going through the suicidal ideation phase has been found to be trying to get support from suicide hotlines. As a result, mental health workers have been inundated with suicidal ideation phone calls, and this has caused their workload to increase beyond their wildest expectations during these hard times. There are many ways that you can try to take care of your mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic instead of just relying on mental health support from professionals only. 

There is a saying where it says that we can never stop having stressful thoughts without causing any stress to our physical health. This is because our mental health does influence our physical health too. We know that many have taken the opportunity with the lockdown rule imposed by catching up on their favourite shows or movies by binge-watching them for hours and days either on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Nevertheless, you fail to realize that binge-watching shows are not healthy because they do cause unnecessary stress to your mind because binge-watching shows can tire your mind easily due to lack of proper rest, Not only that it will also cause unnecessary stress to your body because of the same position that you have been on the bed for hours when watching your show. That is why it is advisable that maybe you can schedule your days based on when you should binge-watch your shows and when you should do other types of activities at home.

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