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Being first time parents can be an incredibly daunting experience. Becoming a parent at any point of one’s life is a daunting experience, but first time parenthood is outrageously convoluted with everyone around them telling them what to do and what not to do. While it may seem like useful advice, that is not always the case as these dos and don’ts tend to contradict each other. Some experienced parents may tell the first time parents to breastfeed and to make all of the baby food from scratch and avoid using diapers while others may tell the parents to never breastfeed, use the mass produced baby food, and to never, ever turn their backs on diapers. These parents, overwhelmed by the amount of information, are left wondering what is right and what is wrong. They cannot go to their own parents because they raised children in a completely different era. They also do not know which peer parent to listen to because they all make excellent points. Thus, these parents are forced to navigate the treacherous waters of first time parenthood with a very vague understanding of the multiple concepts of their baby’s needs. 

Babies, while small and adorable, are difficult to look after, especially if the parents have had the foresight of planning. Setting up a nursery, a crib, baby proofing the house, etc are things that first time parents know that they absolutely have to do. However, shopping appropriately for the baby is something that most new parents suffer with. They either get too much or not enough. They accidentally get the wrong thing in the right brand or the wrong brand in the right thing. In order to combat this, many experienced parents have started gifting first timers a baby start pack. 

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A baby starter pack is exactly what it sounds like, a package filled with goodies that are essential for the growth and development of the baby as well as make the parents lives’ easier. 

The most common products in a baby starter pack are, 

  • For Moms who decide to Breastfeed. 
  1. Nursing pads. 
  2. Nursing bras. 
  3. Nipple cream. 
  4. Breast pump. 
  5. Breastmilk storage bags. 
  6. Nursing tops. 
  • For Mothers who decide to not Breastfeed,
  1. A variety of baby bottles. 
  2. Teats. 
  3. Bottle warmers. 
  4. Bottle Sanitizer. 
  5. Teat brushes. 
  6. Copious amounts of formula.

Other integral products to be used during feeding time are burping cloths and wet wipes. 

For the baby’s bath time, the following items are essential and baby start pack staples. 

  1. A baby bathtub. 
  2. A bath cushion. 
  3. Wash cloths. 
  4. Baby soap. 
  5. Clean jug. 
  6. Hooded towels and robes. 

In terms of clothing, it is best if first parents stay away from buying too many clothes at once because babies outgrow their clothes within a handful of months. It is advisable to only have the following items, 

  1. Bodysuit onesies. 
  2. A coat or a jacket. 
  3. Hats. 
  4. A couple of smart outfits. 
  5. Blankets. 

To change a baby’s diaper, the parents must have a number of items on hand such as, 

  1. Diapers. 
  2. Wet wipes. 
  3. Diaper rash creams. 
  4. Changing mats. 
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Since buying these products individually and packing them into a neat little parcel may not be an easy task, many people have started to buy the pre-assembled baby starter packs. Pigeon, Malaysia’s most trusted baby products brand, offers newborn starter packs. To learn more about the packs, go to Pigeon’s website today!

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