Not many people can claim their marriage was sparked by a love-at-first-sight chance encounter. Minus the saccharin sweet stuff of Hollywood, this story is simple yet very sweet and leaves us all pretty jealous!

stp lundlove 0021 - PRE-WEDDING: SWEDISH ROMANCE

Lucy recalls her first impression of Jonas at his flat mate’s dinner party in Sweden, and how she was truly taken by him!

“He has this wonderfully refreshing Swedish sense of frankness, at once kind but precise and honest about every single thing, even the mundane. He’s unassuming but incredibly intelligent and has a wicked sense of humour.”


Photographs courtesy of Steph Tan Photography.

stp lundlove trees - PRE-WEDDING: SWEDISH ROMANCE

The stars must’ve definitely been aligned that night when Lucy stumbled upon Jonas’ bookshelf and spotted some Noam Chomsky books. This was the very author Lucy had joked about during her university days that she would only marry someone who read Chomsky! Now tell me they aren’t meant for each other?

stp lundlove 0034 - PRE-WEDDING: SWEDISH ROMANCE
stp lundlove 0005 - PRE-WEDDING: SWEDISH ROMANCE

Jonas proposed to Lucy at home, while she was watching an episode of the Simpsons! With no grand affair, it was simple yet pure and took Lucy completely by surprise.

“I was rendered inarticulate for a good few seconds. All I could manage to eek out was his name and a teary ‘Yes’.”

stp lundlove market - PRE-WEDDING: SWEDISH ROMANCE

The couple decided to have their pre-wedding photographs done by the very talented Steph Tan, who suggested keeping it natural and relaxed, within the beautiful city of Lund, Sweden where they live. The shoot revolved around places that were the couple’s favourites, making it all that much more personal and truly romantic!

stp lundlove 0023 - PRE-WEDDING: SWEDISH ROMANCE
stp lundlove 00311 - PRE-WEDDING: SWEDISH ROMANCE

With the wedding reception held in the Philippines, where Lucy is from, this gave them the opportunity to show a nice contrast of their lives in Sweden with these photographs. It sure is a life on the other side of the spectrum!

stp lundlove bycicle1 - PRE-WEDDING: SWEDISH ROMANCE

Despite not knowing how to cycle when she first arrived in Lund, Lucy went through some intense training by Jonas but has now mastered the art of balancing! Incorporating it into the shoot really reflects the simplicity of their lives in Lund, and what they have overcome as a couple.

stp lundlove castle - PRE-WEDDING: SWEDISH ROMANCE

This beautiful university town is speckled with castles, cobblestone streets and Viking ruins that date back to 1166. This shoot was also held during autumn, where the city provided a beautifully warm and rich backdrop.

stp lundlove 0033 - PRE-WEDDING: SWEDISH ROMANCE

For those who are green with envy over this beautiful shoot (we know we are!), Lucy suggests getting an experienced photographer who will put in that extra effort to learn about the couple’s story and is able to inject simple yet personal elements into the shoot.

stp lundlove 0032 - PRE-WEDDING: SWEDISH ROMANCE

“My advise is to get a photographer like Steph Tan, who will take the time to get to know the couple and relish in their stories and will be thoughtful enough to incorporate this in the shoot so as to make it personal and meaningful.”

stp lundlove 0039 - PRE-WEDDING: SWEDISH ROMANCE

Congratulations to Lucy and Jonas, and thanks to Steph Tan for sharing these wonderful photographs with us!

Should you wish to catch Steph Tan during her travels to Europe in November 2013, click here to view her calendar.

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