It’s a Western custom commonly practiced by couples planning their upcoming wedding to send out ‘Save the date’ cards. These cards should be typically sent out about 3-4 months before the wedding in order to enable your guests to keep that special day free. However, this custom can be carried out as creatively as you wish, meaning you don’t necessarily have to send out a card. Even in Chinese culture, it is also tradition to send out a ‘little sweet’ with your invitation card, such as Lo Po Peng (wife biscuit). However in these modern times, what better sweet could there be, besides the classic cupcake!

xx - Save the date now with Cupcake Chic!

Cupcake Chic, a well-known chain of cupcake stores in Malaysia, is offering their services in the form of ‘Save-the-date’ cupcakes. What better way is there to let your guests know your wedding date? They get to join in on your happiness and of course dine on scrumptious cupcakes (always a plus!) I personally get really excited when I see couples get creative and try something different… because that means the actual wedding day will be even more imaginative!

Cupcake Chic gives couples the liberty to customize the cupcakes to suit their fancy and goes out of their way to cater to requests. You could have the date embedded on the cupcakes, your names and perhaps even your faces! It’s a case of anything goes (within reason!).

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