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In this wired, tech-y world of today, a lot of things have been made more convenient due to technology. Weddings are not exempt from this, and with technology comes a multitude of different ways to make your weddings easier, or just plain more interesting.

With that in mind, lets go through a few ways you can use to Tech Out Your Wedding.

Wedding Blog

Keeping a wedding blog is a great way to help friends and family keep up to date on how everything is going. It can also be a interesting way to catch up with out of town guests and you can even get comments and feedback on some of your ideas.

A blog is also a great way to share pictures and stories, may it be from the bachelor parties, wedding showers or the big day itself.

Online Research

Using the internet to research for wedding information is probably a given in this day and age, but no technology wedding planning advice could go without mentioning it. Other than that, you can also check out Etsy for interesting gift ideas and Pininterest to catch up with the latest trends in wedding style.

In addition to just reading up on great tips, thoughts and ideas, another great resource is Q&A sites such as Yahoo! Answers and wedding oriented forums. It’s a great way to clear out questions in your mind with the experiences of others as well as giving you the opportunity to exchange unique ideas with other like-minded brides and grooms.

Wedding Invitations

In place of your traditional Invite cards, why not check out an online invitation and party planning tool such as eVite. This can save you oodles of time as you will not need to collect and make sure mailing address are current. You just need to collect email addresses, which means there’s no more writing out names on cards and envelopes. You won’t need to waste anything on printing either.

You can also build your own custom RSVP system as part of your blog (see above) that will allow your guests to RSVP. An advantage of this is that you can customize it so you can track things like guests’ food allergies as well as collect song requests for the reception dance.

Online Wedding Registries

Creating a wedding registry is one of those things you always hear about newlyweds doing, but you never really have a clue what it entails or how to actually set up a registry. With online services like Newlywish, you can save yourself from the hassle of going to physical stores and get through the whole process in a few guided clicks.

Wedding Apps

Whether through photos posted to Facebook, Twitter or uploaded to Instagram; the number of photos captured per wedding by guests is skyrocketing. No wonder couples want to make sure they can collect every image from their special day.

For those of you who are a bit wary of having your photos on mainstream social media, or are just looking for an easy way to collect all the photos in one place, consider setting up a wedding app for yourself. Wedding Party is a great (and yet totally free!) option for couples who want their guests to have fun while keeping all their photos in one place for easy access afterwards.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the sites, apps and services above and you can start to Tech Out your wedding right away!

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