I’m not going to lie the name of this thing does sound funny. It reminds you of something right? Well, it is not what you are thinking and you might be surprised after knowing what is a butt weld and how functional it is. 

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Before explaining what is butt weld, do you know what is welding? If you don’t welding is a process of making something useful from metal and many people are involving themselves in welding. Whether they do it as a fun hobby or a business that generates income, welding is one of the best and handy skills that we all could learn. And, if you are someone that is interested in welding you will definitely know what is butt weld and how important it is to the process of welding. 

What is a butt weld? A butt weld is the most widely used form of weld applied in the fabrication of structures and pipework systems, the process of this is where a circumferential weld joint is one in which molten metal is applied all the way around the joint. That is there are many butt-weld fittings Malaysia, that we can find here. 

Producing high welding needs both knowledge and skill, especially in the case of welds. The fillet welding and the butt joint weld are the only two forms of continuous welds available. Some welders might note out there are many more, but they are all versions on the fillet or butt weld.

Two pieces of base metal are joined and either placed on a workbench or installed on a wall. And there are a few types of butt-weld that you might want to know, here are the types of butt-weld. 

Square Butt-Weld 

The square butt weld has mostly been applied for projects involving metals with a thickness of 3/16 inches or less. Even though the square butt weld connection is quite strong, it is not suggested for structures that will be exposed to impact loads or fatigue over time.

Grooved Butt-Well

The groove butt weld joint can be single-grooved on one side or double-grooved on both sides. This is mostly controlled by the size of the metal and the type of welds needed. Grooving can be applied on both sides of thicker metals, however, only one side of thin sheets should be grooved.

V Butt-Weld 

This butt-weld is commonly sed on frames that have a thickness around ¼ inches to ¾ inches. This is because this butt-weld needs a particular machine to cut them and that is why this butt-weld is considered the priciest compared to other types of butt-weld. However, this butt-weld also has the strongest weld compared to other butt-weld. 

Double V Butt-Weld 

Similar to the single V Butt-Weld, this weld can be used in thicker metal around ¾ inches and it can also be used in thinner metal. However, the process of making this double v butt-weld is longer and harder than making the single v butt-weld, it also needs a higher pressure of heat to make this weld.

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