One of the types of fiber mentioned is the FTTH that reaches the home, the optical fiber to the home offers us greater speed and reaches your house without losses. Being a type of network that directly accesses your home, speed is not lost and if you do a speed test you will see that the cable connection can be even higher than the contracted one.

The fiber consists of an installation of thread made of transparent material that can be glass or plastic. These are pure fiber networks made up of fiber optic cable that reaches directly inside the home. They allow low attenuation and a high capacity to carry data. These factors translate, for the user, into several kilometres of cabling without the signal losing power. You also get benefits from high-speed thanks to a large available bandwidth that reaches the home intact. Another point in favour of FTTH is that it is immune to electromagnetic interference because these Unifi unlimited broadband fiber cables carry photons of light instead of electrical currents.

sterlite flat drop ftth fibre optic cable 500x500 - What is FTTH?


To install the fiber optic to the home, there is the main register by the unifi package that connects to the fiber optic cable distribution point. Here, at that point, it merges with the cable that goes to each house and takes it from the building to each home. Once inside the house, as you will have seen if you have this type of network, there is an optical rosette that is used to connect the fiber patch cord directly to the router. Once connected to the router, you will be able to enjoy the best speed via cable or wireless connection.

What is HFC?

During the eighties in the United States, cable television operators were in such demand that it was necessary to find an affordable solution to reach all homes. A cheap solution that consisted of taking the fiber to the neighbourhood and, once there, the wiring was distributed through the different homes to reach each house. This is how a hybrid network was built that has continued to be used over time and that integrates fiber optic cables with coaxial cables.