So you finally decided to get the Dutamas Property for sale? (Or any dream property of your choice).

Whether we live in the tropics or the colder nations of the world we have our dream home styles. Sometimes we take inspiration from the condo for sale Dutamas, situated in the tropics of Malaysia, or at other times we take our inspirations from the beautiful homes of the Norwegians and Swiss homes. Either way, we all have a unique voice to the dream house we want to build. 

The style we choose for our home is influenced by many different factors. It depends on our age, geography, upbringing, cultural values, and lifestyle. Our childhood has a huge impact on how we view the future and make decisions in the future. These decisions include the style of our home. 

Our style is also heavily influenced by the books we read, the movies we binge-watched, and also the traveling we have done. The popularity of social media also opened up our doors to so many different inspirations from all over the world. Our minds opened up to new opportunities and possibilities with our home. 

Today, we are curating a list of the opportunistic styles that fuel new homeowners. These styles have been integrated into various homes all over the world. Including the house for sale Duatams, which is in Malaysia. 

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Bohemian Style 

What comes to your mind when we say “Boho Style”. Personally, we imagine words like zest, full of life, colorful, imaginative, creative, artistic, open-minded, free-spirited and so many related words.

Free spiritedness and zest of life are exactly what the bohemian style home decor intends to give. Each home decor style has a unique meaning and the bohemian style has always been a popular one among many. Not only are the colors engaging, but it also enables freedom in us. The freedom to treat your house as a canvas. 

Bohemian style encompasses many things but they have very earthy tones. Whether it is the color of the walls or the furniture we acquire, they have a rustic warm tone. A bohemian style encourages us to mix colors and patterns. There is no “less is more” in the bohemian style. We are allowed to layer on and pair up in the bohemian space. 

The Traditional English Home 

The traditional English home is just as it defined. They hold warmth, charm, elegance, and beauty in their home decor. If you ever watched the Crown or any other English series, you would notice how they make a bold statement with their wallpapers. Much like a bohemian style, they don’t hold back on the eccentrics.

The traditional English home also likes to layer on but they do so effortlessly. They have a soft finished furnishing, antique findings, period items, and much famously a bookshelf. You cannot complete an English traditional home without a bookshelf filled with well-read books and second-hand items.

There are so many different styles to choose from, not limited to the typical style. We have modern farmhouse-style homes, the European vintage style, gothic homes, minimalist homes, and my personal favorite, the coastal style home! 

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