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When you’re expecting, it’s important to take care of yourself. Here are some do’s and don’ts for expectant mothers:  Do keep yourself as healthy as possible. Eat a balanced diet, get plenty of exercise, and avoid smoking, drinking, or using drugs. Taking care of your body will help you feel better mentally and physically.  Don’t be too hard on yourself if you have any trouble coping with the stress of being pregnant. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed at times, but try not to let the stress get in the way of your health or your baby’s development.  Do make sure to get enough rest. Pregnant women need around eight hours of sleep every night. If you’re struggling to get enough sleep, try taking a sleep aid before bedtime or scheduling regular naptime for your baby.  Don’t rush into anything when it comes to childbirth. You may be anxious about the process, but it’s important to go through labor naturally if possible. 

What to Expect in Your Trimester

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Keep a positive outlook! Pregnant women should maintain optimism and remain positive throughout their entire pregnancy. This will help them feel more in control and set healthy expectations for themselves and their baby. Stay active, even if you can’t go to your regular workouts. Maintaining a healthy body through regular exercise will help to improve your overall mood and energy level. Get plenty of rest. Pregnant women need to get the recommended amount of sleep each night in order to keep their energy levels up, their moods balanced, and their baby’s development on track. Avoid too much caffeine. While caffeine is not harmful during pregnancy, it can increase the risk of developing gestational diabetes. Stick to moderate amounts of caffeine, if at all possible. Avoid eating any raw or undercooked meat or seafood. These foods may contain bacteria that can harm your baby. Avoid smoking during pregnancy. Smoking has been linked with a number of problems during pregnancy, including premature birth and low birth weight in babies. 

What to Do & What Not To Do

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When you’re expecting your first child, the whole world seems to come to a halt. There are so many  do’s and don’ts when you are pregnant that it can be hard to figure out what will help you and your partner have a safe and healthy pregnancy. Here are some tips for expecting parents: Do read up on prenatal care – prenatal vitamins, prenatal yoga sessions, etc. This will help you prepare for the physical changes that your body is going through as well as give you some advice on how to support yourself during this time. Whether you’re sleeping through the night or taking naps during the day, getting enough sleep is key to feeling refreshed and supporting your overall health while pregnant. You’ll also need energy to manage everything else going on. Do eat a balanced diet – not only will this ensure that you’re getting all the nutrients your body needs, but it will also help keep your weight under control. Eating junk food won’t do your baby any favors.

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