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When we talk about pleasures, the only thing flashes in our mind is what makes the sex  pleasurable, for some it can means by being intimate with their partners while for some, it can means by doing it by themselves. Neither of their choices is wrong or right. Remember, intimacy always involves someone’s preference, not someone else’s point of view regarding it. With this being clarified, if you are a beginner to all of this topic, then allow me to guide you in how to get to know yourself better. Yes, we are going to be talking about sex today! 

For starters, it is important to get to know yourself first, this subject applies to both men and women. So, how to get to know about your sexual preference one might say? Well the answer is simple, it’s by knowing manually, by trying to touch yourself in the intimate part or by the help of sex toys, adult toys or even pleasurable toys.  So, today we are going to be talking about vibrators that will most suit you. However, before we dive into this topic, we definitely have to show some credit to SecretCherry.co for helping many people in navigating their sexual preference. Thanks to their online store, people are able to find secret cherry’s best vibrators for women out there, but the same goes for men too. Don’t worry we are not excluding the men’s in this topic.

So what are the best vibrators for people out there?

  1. Bullet vibrators

These vibrators are created to give people the most intense orgasm that they are seeking for. The feature of this vibrator does resemble the look of a bullet which makes it more pointy and sharp that targets the g-spot of a woman. In a simpler word, this vibrator has a speed level to it that can be adjusted to suit your level of comfort in order to achieve what you are seeking for, which is obviously orgasm. This vibrator is safe to use and also waterproof!

  1. Clitoral Vibrator

This vibrators name comes with a statement itself, these vibrators specialize in stimulating the clitoral part of a woman’s body to give her the orgasm that she needs. While a lot of you would be contemplating whether this vibrator give you the feeling of anal sex or oral sex. Well, to be honest with you, this vibrator pretty much delivers the feeling of you have oral sex, since this vibrator is going to be used in the out layer of woman’s vagina which is their clitoris. These vibrators again come with multiple pressure levels to boost your orgasm experience. If you are someone who is about to start, then this vibrator would be a good companion.

As for today, the reason why I list these two as the best vibrators out there, is due to their specialty in helping people to know themselves better. Well, if you are someone who has quite a great sex life, but just looking for something to boost it even more, then the bullet vibrator might be the one. But as for the newbies out there, if you thinking about getting a sex toy for yourself then try the clitoral vibrator, as it would help you guide what you like and dislike the most.

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