Plants are the main characters of life. They give us clean air, provide us with food, medicine, and wood. They give us the paper we write on. This is also the reason why we have fluffy pillows and rattan coasters. While the latest high-speed internet from Time fibre Malaysia has given us the entertainment we need, plants give us life in so many senses. 

They are not only crucial to our existence, they are crucial to the existence of this world. Without plants, they cannot control climate change and protect us from the effects of the ozone layer depleting. As a tropical country, we are one step too close to being the first ones to suffer from it.

Plants Enhance Appearance 

Besides being the very main reason for our existence, plants are great for our peace of mind. Indoor plants, especially. They give our space extra vibrance and a zest of life. The colour of green combined with the fragrance and scent of the plant can be soothing to the individual. It will spruce up your room, your classes and even your work. Plants can make your room simply look more appealing and inviting. 

Plants Can Be therapeutic

Plants are also great at being the therapist that we cannot afford. In other words, they make us happy. Giving us the chance to take care of another living organism, they in return give our mental health a break. A break from work, stress and chaos of the world. Some suggest that we get cats or dogs when we are lonely. But plants are also just as good of a candidate especially if we are busy working. 

Plants Make our Breathing Easier

Plants may not understand our words. But they live for the carbon dioxide we breath out. So maybe talking to them is not as dumb as an idea we might believe. Research suggests that it makes breathing easier since they release oxygen. 

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Plants Can Improve our Mood

Plants can completely uplift our mood, hence improving our productivity and efficiency in daily life. If you are a creative individual looking for some inspiration, maybe having a plant around might kick off the creative block. 

Plants Clean The toxic Air 

Another reason why plants are so loved by us and so important to have is that keep our life a safe, clean and sterile place. Looking beautiful is one of its many perks but it literally sucks in the toxins in the rooms for us. Science suggests that plants purify the air and remove contaminations from the air by pulling them into the soil and turning it into food for the plant. Contaminations from cigarette smoke, vape, rugs and other inks and solvents can get trapped in the room. 

Plants Improve Productivity

Plants are also great for productivity as mentioned earlier. But it is proven by scientific research conducted by the royal college of agriculture in Cirencester, England that attentiveness increases when students are taught in a room filled with plants. Maybe this is your good chance to fill your workspace in your home with multiple plants. Or even your study area. It can help you focus better both in school and work. 

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