No married couple would choose getting a divorce if they will have other options. Most of those couples who are now living their separate lives would claim they are only doing what they need to do while they still respect each other or to save their children from their constant fights. Whatever is the reason behind any divorce proceedings, the bottom line is they will never be a choice made lightly. As a matter of fact, a divorce is usually the last alternative of most marriages seeing that it will never work out on them again. But are they always right? Weren’t there a time when they are just too hasty with their decision? Have they really tried their best? If they will ask their children, would they rather their parents are living separately? A marriage is supposed to be sacred and lasting. It should be treated as such.

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Unfortunately, seeing the result of the recent surveys, it is really not the case. It seems that people are constantly having the word “divorce” at the backs of their minds as their last option. But what if divorce is not allowed everywhere, for sure they will try their best instead to patch up their marital conflicts. If you are one of these couples whose marriage is on the rocks lately, let me help you in trying to save your marriage and not resort to getting a divorce:

  • Yes, it would be better if the both of you will help each other in saving your marriage, but if your partner lacks the initiative, you can do it instead even if you are just alone. After some time, seeing how much effort you exerted just so your marriage will work, your partner will soon be motivated to do the same.
  • There is no need to ask yourself this time if you are indeed marrying Mr. Right as it is already too late for that, you are already married, thus the best thing you can do is to love him unconditionally including his flaws.
  • Don’t ever think of leaving your partner temporarily when your marriage is still hanging as you are only helping it to be totally over. You might assume that he will miss you when you’re gone, but what if he will like the situation instead? He will find it more peaceful as there will be no one to fight with anymore. Instead, try your best to rekindle the feelings you both had towards each other.
  • Try not to always confront him with your marital problems. If you really want such problems to be solved, then don’t talk about it but instead, work on it. 
  • If you still respect your partner, then respect his privacy as well and never talk about your private affairs like your marital conflicts with other people even with friends or relatives. Your partner may not like that you make your private life open for everyone to comment.

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