Save the date now with Cupcake Chic!

It’s a Western custom commonly practiced by couples planning their upcoming wedding to send out ‘Save the date’ cards. These cards should be typically sent out about 3-4 months before the wedding in order to enable your guests to keep that special day free. However, this custom can be carried out as creatively as you wish, meaning […]

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ChrisWS1 - A Ritz Carlton wedding shot by Andy Lim

A Ritz Carlton wedding shot by Andy Lim

Courtesy of Andy Lim Wan Sim recently got married in the U.K (where she currently resides) and back here in her homeland, Malaysia. Having written her first post about her ‘English’ Wedding, she took the liberty of also sharing her experience of planning her M’sian wedding from halfway across the world in London! Written by: Wan […]

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