We earn money to live, to earn money, feed ourselves, take on gastronomical adventures, and so on. we earn money to fulfill our dreams of traveling or to buy the dream house. Some of us even dream to be able to reach the arctic ocean and swim with seals.

Whatever reason you have for being a successful MLM business software or an engineer, you need to know about these cute (Not so furry) animals waiting for you in the ocean. They are waiting in the deep ocean ready for a swim with the lovely humans.

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  • Dolphins 

The obvious and the most popular animal on this list, Dolphins!

Dolphins are not the king of the ocean but they do certainly carry the popularity title. They are not only the popular queens but they are also one of the most intelligent mammals in the ocean.

That’s right, they are mammals just like us humans. They have been known to be very playful and friendly with humans. They love us and we certainly love them back. Sometimes you may not even need to swim in the ocean to see them. They are known for frequently coming up to the water and visiting humans. They swim in crowds and can be a delight to the eyes. 

  • Turtles

A lot of them are endangered or on the verge of extinction as a result of human actions, but that still does not stop turtles from being one of the friendliest marine animals in the ocean. They are safe to swim with and they won’t attack you. It is magnificent to watch them swim in the ocean and especially in a school. The fabulous presence they hold with their colorful backs and babies is an exciting opportunity to be able to swim with them. 

  • Manta Rays

Manta rays have a very bad reputation. But this animal is smart enough to make a dolphin jealous of them. The giant manta ray species is known to have the biggest brain out of all the fishes in the ocean. They are smart, intelligent, bashful, and definitely harmless creatures. Don’t sweat because of their large presence. Their tail is harmless and they love to feed on planktons. Humans are not to fear these flying gentle giants. Also, did I mention that they can fly? 

  • Whale Sharks 

Whale sharks, one of the greatest animals in the world both in size and their presence. These gentle giants just like manta rays, love to feed on the ocean’s tiniest animals, planktons. They are very very large in size, yet they are one of the most harmless animals in the ocean. Don’t fear the name “shark” in their names. They are so safe that it is one of the safest to swim around with as well. While dolphins have the title of being friendliest, there are instances that their playfulness becomes volatile as well. However, whale sharks pose no such threat. They are peaceful animals who are happy to eat some planktons. 

  • Manatees

Not to confuse Manta rays, Manatees are completely different. Manatees are gentle herbivores of the ocean. Meaning that they feed on different plant species such as mangrove leaves, turtle grass, and hydrilla. They feed over around 60 different plant species. Manatees also don’t have any sort of teeth that are suitable for attacking or biting you and acting out in aggression. They truly are very gentle and pose no threat to humans, making them a safe animal to swim around with.

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