This is another scenario that isn’t completely out of the ordinary. You may be interested in purchasing a home from a seller who seems to be uncomplicated. There seems to be no execution on it, and the property appears to be in good working condition. However, this does not rule out the possibility that the execution will begin during the talks. Of course, you may (and will almost definitely) include a clause in the purchase contract saying that if such a scenario arises, you will have the option to terminate the deal. You may, however, reach a point when you are stuck in a rut and cannot go forward.

Selecting the Appropriate Process

Suppose you have obtained a mortgage to buy real estate, which becomes the subject of execution procedures when your property rights in a Pandan Jaya flat for rent are officially registered with the government. Your deposit will not be recorded in a logical manner. A lawyer or notary who holds escrow accounts in which the money from the mortgage is held will almost certainly have their funds frozen and their accounts seized immediately.

  • Until you and the executor get an agreement on a modification to the purchase agreement that would send the money from the custody to the account of the executor (who is acting on behalf of the creditor), no deposit will be made and you will be able to merely daydream about owning the property. However, you are already obligated to pay back the mortgage.
  • This is in effect until the seller comes to a mutually agreeable arrangement with you and the executor. Alternatively, you may wait until you get the money back from a seller like this in order to pay the mortgage, interest, fines, and costs associated with the acquisition of real estate via the legal system. This, however, will be very difficult to do at a time when the seller has no other assets except foreclosure-related real estate.

Furthermore, it will take a significant amount of time. 

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Do you have a sufficient financial reserve in your account to cover the possibility of such a hazard?

Before purchasing an apartment (real estate), thoroughly investigate the owner and get a copy of the handover procedure for the real estate that will best fit your needs.

Verify the property’s legal status before purchasing it

You discovered your ideal apartment on a real estate site or via the recommendation of a friend. Perform at the very least a rudimentary analysis prior to the planned inspection itself (which should be a given by this point). The legal status of the property is an essential factor to consider in this situation. The title deed should include a list of the basic legal flaws that exist on the Pandan Jaya. The title deed (hence referred to as “LV”) is basically a centralized document that is used to record and record formal facts regarding a piece of real estate.

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