The roof of a house is continuously exposed to high loads. Precipitation, direct sunlight, temperature drops deform materials and violate the tightness of the structure.

rgs66 - House Gutter: Roof Maintenance

Dust and other contaminants mixed with water form a dense crust on the roof surface. This spoils the appearance of the building and contributes to the wear of the coating. Finally, fallen leaves clog the drainage system.

Modern roofing materials have a high service life. However, only regular care and maintenance of the roof allows you to avoid frequent repairs and extend the service life of the structure.

It is long and difficult to take care of the roof of the house on your own. The work has to be done at height and on slippery ground. It is more expedient to entrust this task to professionals.

In the company “RGS Maintenance Malaysia” you can order:

  • Cleaning the drainage system: installed drains and gutters;
  • Cleaning of roofing. Professional staff will remove moss and dirt from the roof. This work is done using portable high-pressure washers;
  • Design and installation of lightning rods;
  • Installation of new roofing parts and skylights.
  • Roof repair is a complex and expensive undertaking. Timely roof maintenance works are cheaper. Expert experience and the opinion of other experts show that regular maintenance increases the life of the roof by several years.

After the completion of the work, the building is externally transformed. Even professionals do not always manage to distinguish it from new buildings.

RGS Maintenance Malaysia also offer roof maintenance services

After submitting an application for service, gutter malaysia specialists go for an inspection to determine the condition of the structure and roof covering, identify problem points, as well as record data on existing defects.

Then the estimated costs are determined and a list of work to eliminate the problems is written. After all the work has been completed, an agreement is drawn up, which fixes their list, as well as the estimated duration of cooperation.

Service frequency – once every two months (6 times a year). Traditionally, departures are made in February, April, June, August and so on in a month. This allows you to track and correct any defects in a timely manner, ensuring the safety of the roof, as well as to carry out all seasonal work.

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