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Dress? Check. Shoes? Check. Perfume? If you’re now panicking because you haven’t yet started to think about choosing your bridal scent, don’t! We have put together some easy tips to help you find your perfect scent for your perfect day!

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Old or new?

Before you start, ask yourself if you want to wear a completely new scent for that special day, or one of your old favourites (that has been tried and tested). You could be traditional at heart and reason that your regular fragrance was what you were wearing when your man fell head over heels over you! Awwww…

What’s great about scents is that it will trigger sweet memories of your wedding day in the future, so wear it only on your anniversaries to make it all that much more special.

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Match your theme

Cater your scent according to the theme or destination of your wedding. If it’s a beach side casual affair, go with fresh perfumes that have floral notes. Or if it’s in a chalet in the mountains, pick a scent that’s woody with musky notes.

A tip to remember, if you’re carrying flowers that are very fragrant (like roses, lilies and freesia), then you should avoid strong perfumes during your walk down the aisle and instead save it for the night reception. Clashing scents can be overpowering, and a migraine is the last thing you need.

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The smell test

Pick a quiet day to go perfume shopping, and go alone. This scent is very personal to you, and you want to be able to make a wise choice without friends (or mum-in-law) telling you which they prefer! On that day, remember not to wear any other fragrances, and limit yourself to a maximum of four tests. It’s best to spray onto your skin, walk around for about 30 minutes and then smell again. Perfumes smell very different from the bottle or on paper testers, it needs to settle into your skin before you can make the right choice.

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Hubby rules!

Sometimes brides get so caught up in the wedding preparations that they forget to include the groom in their plans. Don’t neglect your husband-to-be when choosing a new scent as the last thing you want is him holding his breath throughout your entire first dance! Let him have a whiff before the big day and make sure you do the same for his cologne.

Some extra tips: Don’t over spray, layer slowly instead for longevity or use a body lotion of the same fragrance. As body odour is never flattering, get your Maid of Honour to carry a small vial in her purse for any emergency touch-ups.

Good luck in finding your perfect scent!

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