If you are planning your wedding this coming year, you’d be happy to know that the Year of the Horse is one that offers  two spring dates (extending from 31st Jan 2014 to 18th Feb 2015) which, according to Chinese superstitions, makes it a great year to tie the knot! Plus aside from being a very lucky year, it will also be a year of fertility…for those who are already planning to start a family.

And to make it even more meaningful, why not inject certain elements to your special day that symbolizes the Year of the Horse? Here are some ideas how!

Colour Harmony

According to the Chinese calendar, the coming year will be the Year of the Wood Horse, with wood being associated to the colours green and brown. It is said that these two shades are in harmony with the energy of the year, bringing you good luck and prosperity. We think instead of choosing one colour, why not both?

Make Like a Tree

Keeping in line with the energy of the Wood Horse, you could keep your wedding décor organic with actual wooden elements. From tables and chairs, to wedding favours or even wood carved flowers for your bouquet! It’s eco-friendly and will add a warm charm to the ambience.

Lucky Me

It is said in Western cultures that the horseshoe is a symbol of luck. Couple that with the Chinese zodiac and you’re in for one amazing year! It’s a cute addition to your décor and is subtly apt without being too obvious.

Horsing Around

If being straight to the point is more your thing, then let’s go all the way and have a horse (or a few) present at the wedding! It will certainly take people by surprise and having this magnificent animal grace your special day will be something you would never forget.

Meet Me At The Barn

Nothing is more romantically rustic than exchanging vows in or within the vicinity of a wooden horse barn with timber beams and high ceilings. And while you’re at it, use haystacks as seats for your guests instead of chairs.

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Here’s to a very lucky Year of the Horse brides-to-be!

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