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We are always looking for health. Every ounce of anything as long as it is healthy, we will try to consume or to do something for the sake of health. It is something that is very important to us. all on the matters of health. So then what actually makes us healthy? Is it the amount of food or is it the food or is there more? Maybe both?

We cannot deny that there are many foods in this world that we consume that are not pure. There are many foods that are already processed or have chemicals found in them. So are eating these chemicals okay? Or will it damage our bodies? We cannot deny that some of the chemicals in foods are very edible as well as not causing us any harm. 

Now, there are some people who may be concerned about something found in their food and it is called Methyl Cellulose. What is Methyl Cellulose and will it cause any damage to us when we consume it?

What is Methyl Cellulose?

Methyl Cellulose is a chemical compound. It is the methyl ether of cellulose. Methyl cellulose is not absorbed by the body and as well attracts water into the colon hence increasing viscosity. It is found in foods that we eat and the use is only to make something into a gel-like form. It is edible and it is safe to consume of course in moderation. 

What does it do?

Methyl Cellulose is made from natural cellulose and it is a milk white colour in powder form and it is tasteless. It functions as an emulsifier and it helps with thickening as well as adhesive properties and can be found in foods like baked goods as well as fried foods, desserts, candles and soups and it is a form of additives.

What else?

Methylcellulose as well can be used to treat constipation and help maintain regular bowel movements. Because it is a bulk-forming laxative that increases water content in the colon and it will be able to have a little laxative effects and hence it is able to treat constipation issues and help with your health in that matter as it is not healthy to “keep it in.”

What does the FDA and European Union say about it?

According to the US National Library of Medicine, Methyl Cellulose is approved to be used by both the Food and Drugs Administration or FDA for short and also by the European Union as safe for human consumption. It does not have any limitations regarding the use of the substance and there are no observable harmful effects when consumed in moderation hence the FDA and the European Union have deemed the Methylcellulose safe and edible in food and drugs. 

photo 1519708227418 c8fd9a32b7a2?ixlib=rb 1.2 - What is Methyl Cellulose and is it safe?

So, if you are planning to eat healthy, just have it in your mind that it is perfectly safe to consume it as well as safe to use it as a medication if its content has this substance written on it. And if you are wanting to find out more about it then you can search for methyl cellulose Malaysia and there will be a lot that you need to know.

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