Having a flowergirl and pageboy at your wedding adds a touch of fun to your wedding! But the same can’t be said when it comes to dressing up these little darlings. Often we leave this to the very last minute, underestimating this old tradition. Don’t forget about finding the right sizes and picking the right styles – it can get as hectic as fitting yourself into the wedding gown if neglected!

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It’s important to keep these mini-me’s relaxed all the time. Children get a little shy and moody in a new environment, and it’s best not to make things worse with clothes they personally don’t deem fit. Get them involved in this task, consider their input and interests in the outfits without straying too far from what you have in mind. After all, it’s still your wedding.

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Choose comfortable clothing. That means, pay attention to any irritation on the outfits that your chosen kiddos call ‘uncomfortable’. You wouldn’t want them scratching the annoying itch from the back of their dress or tugging on the sleeves of their tux every five seconds down the aisle.

Note that kids will always be kids! They run around, do splits and somersaults if they have to. The ideal outfits should be non-constricting. Of course, tuxes only allow a certain level of flexibility. In that case, it’s advisable to get a chaperone; maybe their parents or a reliable grown-up who can help watch (ahem, babysit) them and also keep those clothes in one piece!

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Other than that, get the measurements right! Baggy pants are a no-go! If you’re not sure how to dress them up, white dresses and mini tuxes are the safest decision, especially for a formal wedding. Girls will always look beautiful in dresses of tulle and floral motifs, while it’s appropriate for the boys to show up in collared shirts and ties. For a wedding that’s less formal and themed, there’s no harm picking outfits that blend in. For example, a hula girl for a beach-themed wedding perhaps? 

Have fun with it! Kids are meant to bring alot of joy and what’s cuter than to have your flowergirl and pageboy prancing down the aisle, all dressed up?

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