Photo Posing Mistakes To Avoid

We’ve taught you how to look fab in your wedding photos! This time, we’re going to teach you how NOT to pose in them. There are some poses that give us goosebumps and make us all cringe at the sight of them. Needless to say, they’re banned from photos that are going to last a lifetime.

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Squinty eyes

Though we’ve been told one too many times to always find the light, it’s a different story when the light gets too glaring. Posing out in the sun or using heavy dose of flashes will give you squinty eyes. So always discuss with your photographer to see what you can do about the lighting issue!

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Looking straight

Never look or pose straight into the camera! It’s too unnatural and boring. Always pose from a certain angle and tip your head a little. It definitely makes your body look slimmer!

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Redundant arm

Unglue that arm that’s pressed against your body – loosen up and bend it! Most find it convenient to keep the arm close to their body but this is not a pretty sight for everyone. For those with a slightly heavier top, angle/bend/swing your arm away from your body to create a slimming effect – which is super handy if you’re wearing a sleeveless dress or one with no sleeves at all!

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Sucking in the tummy

While it might help to have your tummy looking flat, the last thing you want is to have a tensed body and controlled facial expression! In some cases, your ribcage might even expand, giving a temporarily odd shape to your body. Certain angles and hand gestures might help block that tummy!

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From the bottom

Having the photos taken from below is rather unflattering for the bride (or anyone for that matter). Your neck gets shorter, with an extra chin and new creases popping out from nowhere. So, always shoot from above! This trick works super well for close-ups!

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Ditching the cheese

Cheesy poses may be old school and romantic, but they’ve been all over wedding photographs around the world for the past century! Long gone are days that have a couple look into each other’s eyes through a window. It’s more about being spontaneous and easy-going now, giving you that very rustic look to your photos. So ditch the cheese and try something new!

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Hope those not-to’s give you a good start and get you posing the other way! Just don’t forget to take deep breaths and relax. The camera ain’t that scary! 

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