Advertisements seem to be creeping up to us these days. Everywhere you turn to the advertisements look back at you. Even on a video posting platform like YouTube has millions of ads showing each person each day. We can go a step further and say that these ads are becoming annoying but to a business person, ads are their source of income. Admit it you’ve clicked on some form of ads since you’ve used a computer and sometimes those ads are very targeted and you can’t help but click. Utilise this trick and advertise your business on e-commerce sites such as and find some of the best social marketing services malaysia in KL.

ecover - Where Can You Advertise Your E-commerce

To start with we’ll suggest a platform like Facebook. Facebook is an all arounder. There’s nothing they can’t do and sometimes it feels like they’re listening to our conversations because they advertise us what we speak even though we didn’t search for it which is strange. However, if you’re doing e-commerce, it’s a perfect hack for you to use. Pay some money to facebook to advertise your product such as RM100 for 5 days for RM200 for 10. Facebook will do the rest for you and take the product information and advertise it to consumers who are talking or searching for similar products. Sneaky as it may seem, you’re just paying for advertising and you’re not actually taking anyone’s information. We’ll recommend that you post during short bursts of time instead of a long period of time as your consumer base might become too concentrated. 

Next you can Google Ads. Google also magically knows what products you’re looking for and shows advertisements of it on your YouTube. You can use Google Adwords to find what words people are searching for products and use them at your own site. When you do this,  your e-commerce store will automatically go higher in the search bars. You can see a boost in your business, as they click on the first thing they see. No-one ever researches who is the best anymore, they rather click on the first thing they see. In some cases, you can even pay Google to make your site the first site on the search engine but you’ll have the ad button next to it and some people avoid that. 

Finally, you can also try Instagram pages with a huge following. Some people build their Instagram pages so that they can advertise sellers on their pages or stories. Advertising on their pages do cost quite a bit but you will get some customers to override that cost. Even you can do this as a side hustle and build you Instagram page, to sell your space for others to advertise. Some pages even charge RM50 for a small shoutout which seems ridiculous but if they are having a huge number in following, it could change how your business runs. Advertisement in a page that is similar to your market will also bring you a more niche clientele. 

We hope these suggestions help you boost your marketing game. Getting customers may seem tough at first but once you know your way around it, you can get a stable customer base and some returning customers as well. Good Luck with e-commerce!

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