A student barely has money. Especially a college student. They pay rent, they pay utilities, they pay for the deposits in their home where they share it with five other messy roommates, they pay for the groceries and for the food and late-night snacks. And as students our temptations are endless. We have so many cravings and so many desires. And the pressure to keep up with the latest trends also takes up so much money.

The pressure of living up to worldly standards does put s strain on our budget. We see students our age traveling the world, living in Airbnb’s with the best glass partition in KL, boasting the beautiful skyscrapers of Malaysia.

But how can we as students even begin to save up half as much money to travel around the world? Much less buy the beautiful things that we desire? Or pay for the courses and classes we know are necessary for our long-term career development.

Don’t worry, we have some tips for the broke college students who are thinking about their future and their financial situation. Learning how to save money is important no matter what age we are at. The money-saving skills we learn in college can stick with us even into our adulthood and even when we start working. So, it is important to start implementing different ways to save up money, as a college student.

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Start Cooking Your Meals

As Students, we often get lazy with our meals. It is undesirable to cook when our groceries are so expensive. But the ordeal of buying groceries and cooking does not have to be expensive. In fact, if done sustainably, this is an act that will save up our money in heaps. Eating out and delivering food can take up so much money from our savings and the student budget. We as students, need to learn how to make budget-friendly meals right at home and pack them in advance. This is a life-saving hack even for our work life and student life. Instead of ordering in every meal, start cooking them. Your lunch break with friends does not have to be so expensive.

Hang Out With People Who Are Mindful Of Your Financial Situation

The biggest culprit in spending our money is how we spend time with our friends. Our friend crowd has a huge impact on our financial situation. If your friend enjoys constantly hanging out in expensive aesthetic cafes, nightclubs, bowling, movies out all the time, then you might be spending money faster than light speed. Your friends must e fun to hang out with even if you are at home together chilling or even out on the street, tasting street food. Your friends are also the biggest support in saving money so learn how to filter out the friends that make your money vanish into thin air.

Stop Spending On Home Décor

Yes, we know this is your first time moving away from home. But again, this is not your permanent home and this is hardly the time to spend so much money on home décor. Thrifting furniture and other décor items are a great way to save money instead of spending money on new ones.

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