Being a new parent can be exciting but it comes with huge responsibilities. You are now tasked with raising human life from its birth, to its adulthood. In order to make sure your baby grows up to be a healthy, smart and well educated human being, you must first learn how to take care of your baby. This is done as soon as the child is born and involves breastfeeding, teaching and playing with your baby. This article will help you in guiding you how to best take care of your newborn child. If you’re Malaysian, you might be interested in new mother products Malaysia to help you get started on motherhood.

When you start to have a baby, you cannot expect to have time to yourself anymore. Your baby will need 100% of your attention and commitment to support your baby. It can mean that you don’t get enough sleep for months on end or that you’re not giving enough time for yourself. Your baby’s needs are ultimately more important than your own needs. But that does not mean you are not allowed to make time for yourself. You can dedicate some time for yourself by leaving the baby in the hands of your spouse or significant other while you relax or make time for yourself.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Two Month Old Baby - Taking Care of Your Baby

As for breastfeeding, here are some simple steps for you to learn how to breastfeed your baby. When you breastfeed your baby, you have to hold your baby in your arms and close to your breast. You will then need to get your baby to ‘latch on’ your nipple and have him suck your breast milk. Here’s how to do it. First, position the baby on its side so your baby is directly facing you, with your baby’s belly touching yours. Next, prop up your baby with a pillow, if necessary, and hold your baby up to your breast; don’t lean over toward her. Next, place your thumb and your fingers around your areola. Then, tilt your baby’s head back slightly and tickle your baby’s lips with your nipple until your baby opens its mouth wide. After that, help her “scoop” the breast into her mouth by placing your baby’s lower jaw on first, well below the nipple. Finally, tilt her head forward, placing your baby’s upper jaw deeply on the breast. Make sure your baby takes the entire nipple and at least 1 1/2 inches of the areola in its mouth.

As for teaching your baby, you might want to wait for a couple of years before you want to seriously begin teaching your child. As your baby cannot speak yet, the best time to teach your baby is to wait until your child is at least 2 years of age so they can speak, talk and repeat back the words you say to them. You can also teach your infant baby if you want. By telling them simple words such as ‘mama’ or ‘papa’, you can teach them to differentiate you and your spouse or significant other.

As for playing with your child, you might also want to wait until your child becomes physically active and is able to walk and move on their own. By then, your child will develop a playful personality and will want you to play with them. You can play with them but you have to remember to be careful with your child as you do not want to injure them or have them accidentally hurt themselves.

In conclusion, taking care of your baby will be the most important responsibility in your life. You will have to work hard into taking care of your newborn until they have grown at least a few years old before you can relax a little. For more articles like this, click here

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